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The Innovation and Technopreneurship Hub (ITECH) of Caraga State University (CSU), branded as Navigatú, is established as the Technology Business Incubator (TBI) in the university heavily funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) PCIEERD RITTD (and later by CHED) to spearhead the innovation and entrepreneurship endeavors in CSU, Butuan City and in the region. Coined from the word navigation and is inspired by the rich history of Butuan's Balangay Boats as the oldest wooden watercraft excavated in the region that showed evidence of our trading relationships all throughout Southeast Asia as early as 700 AD. Butuan’s early establishment of trading in the harbor became an inspiration of the TBI branding — Navigatú with its promise to embark aspiring entrepreneurs and student-led startups to a voyage of navigating the intricacies of starting and scaling a business. We envision startups from the university to have an impact on the society in terms of employment or job creation and solving today's societal challenges, anchored on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


A prime technology business incubator of sustainable and socially-responsive startups in Southern Philippines.


Our mission is to contribute to the prominent success of emerging and socially-responsive technopreneurs in Southern Philippines through strategic partnerships, relevant education and training programs, networking, business-enabling assistance, and facilitate the creation of startups and/or spinoffs from research and development activities, towards job creation in specific sectors that are aligned in our region’s unique areas of opportunity.

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Functions and Objectives

Provide a ready pool of science and technical experts with competence to conduct patent search and patent drafting as well as assist in patent prosecution; Strengthen the CSU capacity to conduct patent search, patent drafting and assistance in prosecution of patents; Increase innovative and inventive outputs manifested by increased patent filing by or through the CSU.


An innovation and technology support office serving the Caraga State University and the communities in the region, enabling and supporting increased innovation, protection of our innovation through patents, and utilization and commercialization of patented innovation for the benefit of the University and the communities in the region


The ITSO is committed to provide patent information and IP services to the Caraga State University and the communities in the region, and to support research and development which will have a positive social, economic, technological and environmental impact to the University and the communities in the region.

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